Reconstructing pre-eruptive processes and magma storage conditions

Studying the chemistry and textures of volcanic rocks can give us valuable insights into the important processes and conditions in magma reservoirs prior to volcanic eruptions. I am currently studying a suite of andesite lavas from Bagana volcano, Bougainville Island.

Studying volcanic gas emissions using drones

Unoccupied aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are transforming our ability to study volcanic emissions, allowing unique access to gas plumes that are otherwise too hazardous or challenging to reach. Beyond visual line of sight flights are particularly exciting, allowing us to launch sensors into gas plumes from several kilometres away.

Volcanic gas chemistry and volatile provenance

Around our planet, hundreds of volcanoes are constantly releasing gas into the atmosphere, even when not erupting. Over geological time, this volcanic outgassing is a key control on atmospheric composition, climate change, and planetary habitability, but how does volcanic outgassing vary, in chemical composition, in flux, and over what spatial or temporal scales?